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Top 10 Savvy Project Manager Behaviors

Posted:February 21, 2016 | Tags: Project Manager, Top 10, Savvy, Kim Wendland

A Project Manager Who Gets It
Have you ever worked with a project manager who was so focused on project management that the project failed? Me too. Its maddening and costly when common sense business and relationship savvy is missng from a project manager's skill set.

My combined experience as a project manager, technologist, manager, consultant, and salesperson opened my eyes to the value and pitfalls of project managers who only focus on their one dimension of a business opportunity or...

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How Good IT Could Have Prevented the FBI vs. Apple Debate

Posted:February 29, 2016 | Tags: Apple, Kim Wendland, Smartphone security, iPhone security, Mobile Device Management, San Bernadino Department of Health, FBI, iPhone

The 2015 San Bernadino attack led by perpetrators, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, left 14 dead and 22 injured. Farook's iPhone was assigned to him by his employer, the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health. By February 2016, the investigation spurred another national debate regarding personal privacy vs. national security as Apple refused to comply with the FBI request to create a way to unlock Farook's iPhone.

While this is a very important national discussion that...

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