A Project Manager Who Gets It
Have you ever worked with a project manager who was so focused on project management that the project failed? Me too. Its maddening and costly when common sense business and relationship savvy is missng from a project manager's skill set.

My combined experience as a project manager, technologist, manager, consultant, and salesperson opened my eyes to the value and pitfalls of project managers who only focus on their one dimension of a business opportunity or relationship. Here is Kim Wendland's list of successful project manager behaviors. These serve as the foundation of my project management philosophy.

Top 10 Savvy Project Manager Behaviors

  1. Accomplished in all aspects of the Project Management Lifecycle: Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control, Close-out.

  2. Understands and effectively communicates within the sensitive business relationships between customers, vendors, and internal organizations.

  3. Understands the business and industry needs of the companies, organizations, and governments which serve as the context of the project, and makes decisions with this context in mind.

  4. Understands the business, technical, and relational requirements and scope, and manages to them in context.

  5. Understands that communication is the most important aspect of every project. 

  6. Communicates truth to power effectively.

  7. Communicates all types of information to all stakeholders of the project effectively to assure that the project moves forward.

  8. Understands the importance of time, budget and quality; and holds the project team accountable to them while effectively communicating, managing issues, and managing change.

  9. Understands the difference between leadership and management, and is accomplished in both of them. 

  10. Accepts full responsibility for the results of the project, and celebrates the team who accomplishes it.