In 2012 I began a new adventure working for the State of Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. I was drawn to the mission and found a need my skills and experience fit. It turned out to be the first time my work mattered more than the stock price. At this job, the work mattered far more. We were serving abused and exploited children and adults. In an attempt to make sure my team and I constantly remembered the technology served the people, I was inspired to write Technology Can't. 

Subsequently, when I began working at the Texas Health and Human Services, I updated it to speak to the mission for all five agencies.

Technology Can't

Technology can't help a client feel….Safe, but it can call for help to find a safe place.

Technology can't help a client feel….Cared for, but it can help find great caregivers.

Technology can't help a client feel….Loved, but it can help find those who will love them.

Technology can't help an intake agent….Find the abused, neglected or exploited, but it can answer their call for help.

Technology can't help a client….Feed their children, but it can help process their application for benefits.

Technology can't help a client…See or Hear, but it can help enable them to find great job.

Technology can't help a client….Avoid a Contagious Disease or Virus, but it can help make sure vaccines are provided.

Technology can't, but YOU empower those who do!